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Hobbit Hill Children’s Centre

Kootenay Family Place currently has six licensed child care programs, for children who require both part time and full time care, in three locations in the city of Castlegar, British Columbia.

Hobbit Hill Children’s Centre is one of the longest standing early learning & child care programs in the Kootenay region. Hobbit Hill is a fully inclusive facility and has provided licensed group care for children ages 30 – 72 months, and school age care for 6 to 12 year olds, since 1972.

All of Kootenay Family Place’s Early Learning & Child Care facilities are fully inclusive and have access to a range of Early Intervention Programs to facilitate the successful inclusion of children requiring additional supports.

Program Goals:

The goal of high quality early childhood services is to help children develop and learn to the best of their abilities and to work with families in ensuring that their children have positive early learning experiences. Targeted outcomes for children and families participating in Kootenay Family Place’s Early Learning & Child Care Programs involve:

  1. Children have positive social relationships.
  2. Children acquire and use knowledge and skills.
  3. Children take appropriate action to meet their needs.
  4. Families are given opportunities to have input into their child care.

Formal teaching, experiential learning, and individual facilitation are combined to promote each child’s growth in all areas of development. Goals for all children in these developmental areas include:


Enhancement of each child’s sense of self esteem, recognition and development of his/her personal value as a group member, growth in social awareness and relationships with others through communication skills and community involvement.


Motivation for discovery and learning in a pre-structured, stimulating and responsive environment, development of information gathering, processing and synthesizing skills through both group and individual instruction.


Provision of appropriate equipment, activities and teaching to promote development of large and small muscle skills.


Respectful recognition of each child as communicator, growth in verbal and listening abilities in interactions, problem solving, situations, and meeting personal goals; development of appreciation of literature, poetry, music and drama.


Sensory stimulation through music, literature, art and tactile activities, provided in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Motivation and opportunities for creative expression through music, movement, arts & crafts and dramatic play.


Development of healthy habits and maximum possible independence in self care skills, such as dressing, eating, grooming, toileting and personal safety.

Programs Offered:

School Age Care

Hours of Operation:

1.30 - 5.30pm

Schoold Closures and Pro-D Days: 7.30am - 5.30pm


Claudina Cancela, Head Supervisor
749 11th Avenue,
Castlegar, B.C. V1N 1H4

Tel: 250-365-7280 ext. 234


Financial Agreement (PDF Download)

Child Care Parent Handbook (PDF download)