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Booster Buddy Mobile App

Booster Buddy is a free app designed to help teens and young adults improve their mental health.

Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills Manual For Adolescents

 Activities, goal setting, problem solving and strategies to help you recover from depression.


Relaxation Module

 This module includes informational handouts and instructional exercise handouts on abdominal breathing, grounding, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and tension release.  These exercises will assist with stress management and provide a positive benefit to overall physical and mental health.


Healthy Living Toolkit For Families

 Kelty mental health resource centre offers a Healthy Living Toolkit for Families which includes information on healthy living for families who have a child or youth with mental health challenges, worksheets and tools, and tips from families across B.C.

Web based interactive version:

 PDF Version for Download:


Anxiety BC - Home Management Strategies For Separation Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety BC – Home Management Strategies For Specific Phobia


Resource Guide – Information Sources For Families


Trouble Getting Up – Tips For Teens


The Recovery Village

The goal of this guide is to supplement resouces like ones you have already linked and provide answers to help navigate the often confusing and intimidating process of looking for treatment. While there are many great resources on the web, we found that many of them do not address the most common concerns in an accessible and centralized manner. You can find many of these common concerns in the left hand column of our guide.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the treatment process, frequently asked questions and the path to full recovery. This guide is the result of extensive work between clinicians, addiction professionals and the Recovery Village web team. Please have a look at our guide at your earliest conveinence, as I feel that you may find them to be an important addition as well.



KB Searchlight is an initiative of the Kootenay Boundary CYMHSU Action Team, coordinated locally by Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice and hosted by partner agency, Kootenay Family Place. Other action team members include families, doctors, mental health counsellors, school administrators, health authority staff, community agencies and more. The Child Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative is supported by the Shared Care Committee with additional support for specialist participation from the Specialist Services Committee. Both committees are partnerships between Doctors of BC and government of BC.